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You work hard & that deserves acknowledgment and appreciation.

**Your effort should be met AND exceeded by anyone who wishes to share in the spoils**

I can best be described as a cosmopolitan concierge companion. I have a carnal need to serve and to be of service. I wish to satisfy your every craving and fulfill your wildest dreams leaving you wholly satiated. Let me be the architect of your next adventure! Near or far, short or long ~ you won't soon forget your sojourn with me.

If you've always wanted to weave an Italian sports car along the amalfi coast at break neck speeds...I am most definitely your "double shot of something strong..." Take a minute to do some light reading and research via my reviews on TER. If you decide that you would like to meet me, you will soon find: the real thing is even more fulfilling than the simulator, all the stories are true, & they aren't the least bit embellished.

**I will take you on a wild ride for a one in a million good time**

On the other hand if you seek a quiet intimate connectedness with a passionate, compassionate woman that will make you feel like the "king of everything"...you will find I'm the most versatile well rounded individual you've ever laid eyes (or hands) on. I have the most genuine, kind, honest soul that you'll ever encounter. My "friends" often turn into real friendships as we spend time together and peel back the layers.

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