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My style is elegant, classy, and feminine. My skin is flawless and my teeth are straight and white. My hair is smooth and silky. I have no stretch marks (no kids). I have perfect manners, and make the ideal companion to impress your friends and colleagues!

For fun, I enjoy meeting professional gentlemen-(YOU!) I love weekend getaways full of romance and sensuality, and as a natural born pleaser, I love creating moments that will take your breath away and leave you dreaming about me until we meet again!

My body is tight and toned from a lifetime of ballet and athletics. I swim three days a week, in addition to hot yoga to stay flexible and weights to stay toned. I try to run a half marathon once a year. Perhaps you'll join me? I'm somewhat of a fitness junkie, but don't let that deter you from contacting me if you aren't into working out. I value a man's mind and generosity, and simply feel that a lady should keep herself in great shape.

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