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Champagne After Midnight is one of the largest social introduction services in the world, catering to financially elite clients in various different countries all around the globe. The main purpose of Champagne After Midnight is to provide engagements during travels, events or in social galas as well as lengthy, private dates for personal company. As a result, employment at Champagne After Midnight requires more than just good looks; a thorough check is carried out in to personality, background, achievements in life as well as education apart from physical beauty before any model is hired. The clients we serve are some of the most elite and financially secure throughout the globe, and many other companies would love to have the honor to serve them.




At Champagne After Midnight, we hold our clients in the utmost regard and value them very highly. Hence, we know that when our clients ask to meet up with a VIP model from Champagne After Midnight, she should not only be physically striking, but her personality, background and education should be top of the line so that she is able to carry herself in a confident manner, allowing for a greater connection between two people. If you wish to work with us and attain success, certain things such as a healthy outlook on life, a positive, constructive perspective as well as a healthy lifestyle are all very important.

Champagne After Midnight is an exclusive service for finding companions and VIP escorts, and caters exclusively to clients who expect nothing short of excellence. Champagne After Midnight specializes in marketing beautiful students and graduates (Ivy League graduates an added advantage), Runway and Print models as well as women who are well settled in their careers to a selective niche of refined, financially secure and highly successful clients from all over the globe who wish to get the very best from everything in life. Those who feel that they are not only beautiful, but also confident and intelligent are more than welcome to send in an application.

Currently, Champagne After Midnight is seeking models who hold clear distinction in the fields of fine arts, media, fashion and/ or the corporate industry. These beautiful women generally have to attend dates with our exclusive members for just a few times throughout the year. The unique benefit of becoming an Icon Model is that it allows you to meet with gentlemen of the highest caliber who have achieved immense success in their lives, which gives you a feeling of security and helps establishing a connection, while contributing constantly to your personal growth.

Those who are looking for paid dating for the time in their lives and those whose time is a luxury owing to the success in their career will prove to be excellent candidates as models. We require, gorgeous, confident, witty and charming ladies to apply who also have successful careers.




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