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Exclusive Matchmaking and Buyout


We appreciate that some of our clients or members might want to indulge with our models in a long term dating engagement with each other. If you’ve have taken an affectionate approach towards one of our models or vice versa, Champagne After Midnight gives you a buyout feature. This is essentially a feature which allows the clients and the models to meet with each other without the involvement of any third party, which in this case would be the Champagne After Midnight. We do not condone such arrangements at all, and the Buyout facility allows our clients to engage in dating directly.

Our Buyout terms and conditions are extremely lenient, and allow both the clients and the company to come to a mutual agreement over a lump sum amount of monetary compensation which must be transferred by the client or the member to the company. The compensation is primarily given for the role that the company plays in providing its valuable resources to the customers to make it possible for the relationship between the client/ member and the model to come in to fruition. The buyout amount or fee is decided mutually by the client/ member as well as the company, primarily dependent upon the exclusivity of the arrangement as well as any other elements of the arrangement between the client/ company that they would want to consider.

Champagne After Midnight wants to make dating as easy as possible, and for our clients and members, the availability of the buyout facility makes it extremely easy to indulge in dating with our exclusive models without any intervention of the company. You can set times and dates as per your own wishes with direct correspondence from the model.

If you decide to indulge in to our promotional dating or exclusive escort/ companionship services, you agree to the above mentioned terms and conditions.

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